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But I don't want to be a pyrokinetic.

  • Jul. 18th, 2011 at 4:07 PM
Jack moment.
A couple of weeks back, a day or two before the 4th of July, a palm tree at the corner of our backyard went up in flames. Parts of the yard next to the back wall were smoldering. I was roused from bed by my friend's little sister who was knocking on our door. (They live about 2 blocks down the street. Luckily, she was heading over to grab some food.) The fire department was there, hoses were used, and people rubber necked. No actual damage was done and the friggin tree actually survived. (It scorched as hell and blackened but growing new shoots.)

Today, I'm home alone. Kimmi's napping in her spot in the backyard and I smell something burning. At first I thought someone was having a cookout, but then I got paranoid and looked out my window (complete view of the backyard). There was a small, smoldering fire going on. I'm going to forestall the calling of me as a dumbass idiot, but I figured that calling 911 was moot, it was a bunch of leaves and the flames were not consistent and no higher than my hand. I figured, if I couldn't put it out in a couple minutes I'd haul ass, grab the dog, and call the fire dept. Luckily, I remembered that, for some reason, there was a bucket filled with water next to the back door. I grabbed that and killed most of the fire. The flames were doused in the next two quick trips (I didn't take the time to fill the bucket up entirely). And then I just continued on until that portion of the yard was basically flooded and I'm still periodically checking my window. Kimmi, of course, thought this was an awesome game and followed me and my bucket to and fro, providing a fire guard. XD

I don't get paid enough for this shit.

The neighbor across the street, my Dad's acquaintance popped his head over the fence once it was all over and asked if something was burning. I got a kick out of tell him I'd handled it in my PJ-clad glory.

Either someone is trying to be a crappy arsonist, the summer is really dry, or I'm setting fires with a small portion of my mind. I don't know which I'd prefer. (I can't pull off red-leather.)



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