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Lady Yueh: Snarcasm and Fanfiction

12 April 1987
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About Me: I'm an American college student. So.California-girl. Majoring in History and Ancient Civilizations. Avid Reader. Intermittent Writer. Sarcastic Smart-Ass. Immature. Insane. Weird. Eccentric. Dreamer. Romantic at Heart. Pessimistic. Optimistic (all the -istics). Silly. Bitchy. Whiny. Purposeless. Creative. Whimsical. Bratty. Catty. Chocolate Consumer.

My Journal: Its primary purpose is to house my fanfiction. I will, rarely, write on other subjects.

Friends Policy: Friend me, you don't have to ask, but I reserve the right to friend you in return. I don't mind if you lurk or just comment excessively (really, I don't, I can ramble for ages if you let me). Just, no wank, no trolling, no bashing, no hate, etc.

If I've friended you, it's probably because I think you're awesome and you write good fic (if you write fic).